The Forms of Fiction

This is another book that has a lot going for it.  In this case, it is an important book by an important author, John Gardner.  And it is Gardner’s first book, preceding his first novel, The Resurrection, by four years.  It is yet another book that is not only about many authors, such as John Steinbeck, Ernest Hemingway, William Faulkner, etc., since it studies them, but it is also an anthology that includes material by authors such as Steinbeck, Joseph Conrad, James Joyce, and others.

Medium Forms of Fiction

Front cover of the book.

This particular copy is also Signed by Gardner.  Interestingly, it was published when he was a member of the English Department at a college most of us would not think of as a bastion of literary achievement, Chico State College in north/central California.  That’s pretty far down the totem pole of popular places to be if you are a writer/college professor.  No offense, Chico State, but it is the truth.  Gardner went on to achieve greater heights in the academic world.  Besides The Resurrection, he also wrote Grendel, The Sunlight Dialogues, and many others.  If you’re a Steinbeck collector, the book is cited in the Goldstone & Payne bibliography as B124.  It was not recorded by the mighty Morrow catalogue.

MediumForms of Fiction:sig

Gardner’s signature in this, his first book.


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