My Logo

This is my logo.


You might be surprised just how many people don’t get it.

Those that do get it seem to like it, and a few have asked its history.

It goes back to the very earliest days of my transitioning from private book collector to book dealer back in 1980.

My wife used to leave notes for me on our kitchen table that would show her and our daughter as ant people going shopping or whatever it was that had them leave the house so I would know where they were (sort of). The Momma ant might be pushing the baby ant in a grochery cart, for example. She was an artist. The notes were funny.

Sometimes I would leave her a note in which I would crudley draw a Poppa ant, with a huge moustache, about to whack the hell out of a golf ball. She knew where I was.

When brain-storming about the book business, I thought a logo would be a good idea. So I had my wife paint what you see as my logo. That’s me reading The Grapes of Wrath. My moustache was bigger then. It was my idea to have him look askance at the angry grapes sitting next to him. I think she captured the idea very effectively. I like the books on the shelf in the background, too.

I’ve used the logo ever since on everything  —  letterhead, business cards, invoices, e-mails, envelopes, mailing labels, website, you name it.

My unscientific guess as to its effectiveness in making my business better, however one measures “better,” is that it has been better. It appears that I’m known as the Steinbeck guy. The logo is part of that.  I think that means a lot, although I’d like to think there’s more to my business than just Steinbeck.

And I almost enjoy watching people who don’t get it. Once in a while you can actually see the light go on as they do get it. That’s fun.

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